Esorm’s New Well

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February 14, 2013

We are praising the Lord today for His provisions to these children and the community. The children now have safe drinking water easily accessible to them. This week the Red Cross in Zwedru donated this hand pump to our school, that you can see Pastor William operating. It is very deep, and the ground water is pure, free from all Ecoli, parasites and other life threatening bacteria. Previously the people in the community had to walk very far to get pure drinking water. Most drank dirty water from hand dug wells or contaminated streams.

Many children die before the age of 10 due to preventable water borne diseases. This deep well will provide safe drinking water for the entire community.

Orphan Sponsorships

We have identified at least 20 orphans that have a desire for an education but no means to get one. We are asking you personally to share your love and extend yourself to help change the future of one child. In doing so, you will change yours too! Please visit our sponsorship page for the three different options, one that can fit your donation ability. We are hopeful that by October these will be filled and we can add names to the list. Many many children lost their parents in the war and would like some way to go to school.

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