New Library Installed

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March 1, 2014

Can you imagine living in a place that is totally devoid of information networks about the outside world? You have no TV, internet, data plans on your phone, newspapers, libraries, mail system…movie theaters? What would this mean to you? Never seeing amazing animals, never being able to make an informed decision about affairs in your country, never watching your favorite series sit-com on NetFlix (lol), not being able to research something of interes….never having an idea about what ‘could be’ in your life-the freedom to dream beyond your own sphere of knowledge.

In our school, we are trying to implement changes that would provide more information to students about the outside world. One of these changes is the beginning of the installment of a library. The room for the library is now completed and the shelves built. Pastor William assisted the teachers in putting hundreds of books on the shelves that we had sent last year. I, Terri, was excited when I heard first hand their enthusiasm over the phone. Each book they opened held them in wonder of new stories and pictures in every subject matter- from history and science, to other cultures and adventure. Their joy was contagious.

It is small moments like these that let you know that all the work and planning you do is worth it, helping others help themselves, opening the door of freedom to dream of ‘what could be.’

Orphan Sponsorships

We have identified at least 20 orphans that have a desire for an education but no means to get one. We are asking you personally to share your love and extend yourself to help change the future of one child. In doing so, you will change yours too! Please visit our sponsorship page for the three different options, one that can fit your donation ability. We are hopeful that by October these will be filled and we can add names to the list. Many many children lost their parents in the war and would like some way to go to school.

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