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Education is at the heart of Esorm. We believe that education is the key to increasing capacity and potential in each individual. 

Limited education transmits poverty from one generation to the next. Most people in rural Liberia earn less than $1.25 a day. High child mortality rates due to preventable diseases and malnutrition are one of the effects of poor education and low income. 

Outside of the capital of Monrovia, illiteracy rates continue to soar. Unicef reports in 2017 that job opportunities are very scarce. A primary school attendance rate is only 43% and secondary education is 14%. Attendance rate for preschoolers is the highest at 67%. 

Education is a vital human right incorporated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 24 and 28 states that every child has the right to access primary and secondary education affording them equal opportunities in life for employment, health care and community leadership.

At Esorm, we seek to provide a quality education to every child who desires to go to school. If the family can not afford the low school fees, then assistance is provided to them through our child sponsorship program. For every child that is sponsored, two more are offered seats in the classroom until a sponsor can be found for them. No child who is truly in need is turned away.

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