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Diamond’s Road to Hope

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Diamond's Road to Hope

See how Esorm helped Diamond overcome insurmountable obstacles five years ago.

My older sister Princess and I were born during the civil war, with fighting all around. When Princess was two years old, our father passed away and my mother was pregnant with me. Because of the stress of raising two young children during the war, my mother became unhinged and unable to care for us girls . When I was 4, my mother abandoned both of us in the market place and fled the village to live in the woods, where she vanished. The villagers who knew us, brought us to live with our grandmother. Because my grandmother lives a very subsistent life, we had to help earn an income just to eat a daily meal. One day a man named Rev. Boduo found us working in the market place. He invited us to come to a new school he just built that was opening in a few months.

Imagine my joy when I was invited to come to New Hope Christian Academy for free until a sponsor could be found for me. When I started at New Hope I was so excited to learn the alphabet and to print my name. I want to thank the person who sponsored me. You helped me go to school and buy my books, backpack and school supplies that I need. Now in 2018 I am top of my class in grades and the captain of the girls soccer team. I know that I will have a brighter future because of your kindness and generosity.

Diamond before and after hope

Diamond at age 7 before school
After 5 years at New Hope Christian Academy

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