A Story of Sponsorship

Hi. My name is Alex. I started attending New Hope Christian Academy in September 2015. When I was just 6 years old, my mother died suddenly. When she went into the woods to collect sticks for our evening meal, she got bitten by a deadly viper snake. Because she couldn’t afford hospital fees, her friends brought her to be cured by a witchdoctor, which was hopeless. I am thankful to be going to New Hope, where I am learning about the one true healer, Jesus, and how He overcomes all superstition.

I now live with my aunt who is like a mother to me. We live a very menial life, with barely enough food, no electricity or running water. I try to help her with household chores. I am thankful for my sponsor who sends me to school. Because of you I have fun each day learning new things and making new friends. I love my soccer team and we win many games! I know my future is bright because of your kindness.

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