ESORM School Building Expenses- March 2011 to May 2012

In March 2011, Pastor Fred Boduo, ESORM Project Manager, traveled to Zwedru, Liberia for three months and built a 7, 500 square foot elementary school building in 46 days with help from our Berean church partner and the Ivory Coast Refugees. This school has 8 classrooms sized 20X30 feet, one cafeteria/auditorium 30X40 feet and 2 offices. Many people are curious what it takes to build a school in Africa, so we have provided this information for you. Following is an itemized account of the expenses incurred for the building of the school as of May 2012.

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COST OF SCHOOL BUILDING as of May 2012 $37,330

Costs incurred later include building the desks and blackboards, cementing the floors, painting the school.