Building of New Hope Christian Academy

Now that stability has returned to Liberia, Reverend Boduo is working with a team in the U.S. along with Liberian partners in his home town of rural Zwedru, Liberia, on development projects through education.

In March 2011, Rev. Fred Boduo, Esorm’s project manager, traveled to his hometown of Zwedru in March 2011 and built an eight classroom elementary school in 44 days using only hand tools! This was no small feat and was only accomplished through the favor of God and hard work from community volunteers. The people there were so eager to have a school, they worked diligently eight to eleven hours a day, six days a week, for only a meal and a very small stipend for their payment. Watch our video to see how this was possible on our home page.

The first school year opened in 2012 to over 200 students from preschool to grade 6. Some of our achievements these past 6 years include training all of our teachers in a year long teacher certification program, digging a deep well for clean water donated by the U.N., adding bathrooms donated by the Red Cross, providing books for a school library, and starting a very successful soccer (football) team. We are now looking to implementing a feeding program through the World Food Organization food donations to improve nutrition and develop strong bodies.