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Equipping and empowering youth to enable them to develop their God-given talents


Education Project

Education is at the heart of Esorm. We believe that education is the key to increasing capacity and potential in each individual. Outside of the capital of Monrovia, illiteracy rates continue to soar at 67% in the primary schools. At Esorm, we seek to provide a quality education to every child who desires …


By working directly with the community, they have helped us identify what is most important to them for their children. Through the help of generous partners, each year we have been able to improve the quality of education. Rev. William Boduo, our founder, has traveled to oversee these exciting ….

Vision and Mission

We are equipping, empowering and transforming youth in Liberia by integrating Christian Biblical principles in education initiatives. Children are bring trained up to have a positive impact in their community. Building capacity through education empowers individuals to ….

Sponsor a Child

Your orphan sponsorship goes directly towards all student school supplies, materials, a school uniform, a backpack, and the educational needs of our students. One sponsorship helps additional orphans get an education tuition-free.

Today, like every day in rural Liberia, men, women and children are perishing from sickness, disease and accidents due to poverty. Many of these are preventable and unheard of in our developed country, but in a developing country like Liberia, treatment is unavailable due to lack of professional doctors, hospitals and medicine. When living on less than $2 a day, there is a fine margin between having enough and despair. Children are becoming orphans daily, without any hope for a future.

Diamond's Road to Hope

See how Esorm helped Diamond overcome insurmountable obstacles five years ago.
My older sister Princess and I were born during the civil war, with fighting all around. When Princess was two years old, our father passed away and my mother was pregnant with me. Because of the stress of raising two young children during the war, my mother became unhinged and unable to care for us girls . When I was 4, my mother abandoned both of us in the market place and fled the village to live in the woods, where she vanished.
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Diamond before and after hope

Diamond at age 7 before school
After 5 years at New Hope Christian Academy

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Building New Hope Christian Academy

How do you build a 10 room school with only shovels and manpower?