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Outreach ministry is an essential aspect of Esorm. A core value of Esorm is to reach those in need with a touch from the Lord with physical, emotional and spiritual support. One of Rev. William Boduo’s objectives during his frequent visits to Liberia is to connect with people in the community. He often finds young orphan children who should be in school, working in the market place to help support the family. He encourages the family to send the child to school on our sponsorship program. It is sad that earning a small income superceeds the need to know how to read and write. When living day to day, it is hard to plan for a future.

Through our compassion fund, Esorm is able to help the families of our students when a catastrophe occurs. Given a life of poverty, there is a fine line between sustenance and tragedy. Our principal, Upton Torh, makes frequent visits to the home of students to assess their situation, especially when a life threatening illness occurs. In this picture, Diamond’s family’s house burnt to the ground along with all of their things needed to make an income. Through some compassionate partners, we were able to help them with housing and offer her a sponsorship to be able to continue her schooling.

Another core value of Esorm is teaching others about the love of Jesus. Esorm partners with Rev. Arthur Gboe Wheyee, lead pastor of Trumpet Baptist Church, in their mission initiatives. We support church plants to rural villages seeped in the lies of witchcraft, pastor training and transportation.

Rev. Arthur Gboe Wheyee travels several times a year to oversee New Hope Christian Academy. Often times the roads are three feet deep in mud, taking him up to 12 hours to arrive at New Hope. Through the years, he has implemented to hiring of  a capable principal, Upton Torh, an auditor and a business manager. We are blessed to have such a committed and knowledgeable partner!

Summer vacation is a great time of year for LifeLine Christian Academy to open up their school to the entire community for Vacation Bible School. Over 100 children have three full days of fun, a meal and learn about the love of Jesus! Esorm is proud to be able to give financial support to their committed efforts.