Benefits of Sponsorship

You can partner with us and help us to help vulnerable orphans to turn hopelessness into dreams for a brighter future through education. When living on less than $2 a day, the margin is very narrow between well-being and tragedy. Sponsorship programs are to assist the most vulnerable children who do not have opportunities to recieve an education aside from your help.

Sponsor a child and feel the joy of giving hope, pride and inspiration to to a young aspiring student. Our sponsorship program gives you the opportunity to build a personal relationship with one or more of these precious children at New Hope Christian Academy. We want to let them know someone cares personally about them. Therefore, we require a one year comittment. We have many orphans children waiting to enter school and you will be changing their life.

100% of your donation goes to helping our students.

Sponsoring a child makes a lifelong impact.

Sponsor a Child