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Pastor William has spent a busy 5 weeks at New Hope Christian Academy in Zwedru, training teachers, connecting with the children and their families, and completing installation of classroom floors. He found orphans working in the market place and invited them to go to our schhool. Sometimes their relatives were hard to convince of this as they would lose income, but they were encouraged that the children would have hope for a brighter future. Some of the children up for sponsorship are 13 years old and have never gone to school! It is unconcievable to me that I would have a child who never learned to read or write their name, or add and subtract needed for so many life skills.

These pictures show what the town is like around our school area. You can see how impoverished everyone is- cooking over open fires, selling fish on an open table, driving on muddy dirt roads. It’s always amazing to me how they keep their clothes so beautiful looking. But it’s no wonder that disease is so rampant.

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As Pastor William is winding down his work in Zwedru, he spends time ministering and praying for others. Strongholds have been broken, teachers have been trained, encouraged and built up, and renewed relationships with the community have been made. Tomorrow he leaves for Monrovia to visit his family and connect with some church leaders. Pray for safety in travel and a revitalized spirit.

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