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By working directly with the community, they have helped us identify what is most important to them for their children. They believe that lasting meaningful change can come about with community involvement. Since the doors opened to our first school, New Hope Christian Academy, through the help of generous partners, we have had annual initiatives to improve the quality of education. Rev. William has traveled to Liberia almost each year to oversee many of these projects. Some of the highlights are:


Rev. Fred Boduo spent 3 months in Liberia building New Hope Christian Academy in his hometown of Zwedru, Liberia.


Rev. William Boduo (founder), spent 5 months at the school to train teachers and ensure the foundations of the school were complete for the opening of the doors in September.


The leaders at the school were able to obtain a drinking well from the UN giving access to all families in the community to clean drinking water. Water borne illnesses from parasites, bacteria and cholera are a primary reason for early childhood mortality and adult loss of income due to illness.


Through a book drive, we sent over two barrels of preschool and primary level reading books and started a school library. Books are almost non-existent in Liberia promoting limited exposure to the outside world. The children were so excited to see pictures and read books for the first time. Their ideas and creativity are greatly nurtured through this library!


The tragedy of Ebola struck the nation and school did not open until February the following year. We were able to obtain health care training and sanitation supplies for the school through the generosity of the UN. The Red Cross donated another latrine for the school. When the children return to school, a sponsorship program was implemented to assist the orphans attend school, especially the ones affected by the Ebola crisis.


All teachers at New Hope received a year long teacher certificate training course. Terri Enright and a reading specialist traveled to Liberia to bring materials and teach 10 schools a Phonics program.

Partnership with Life Line Christian Academy, outside Monrovia, starts. 


A soccer (football) team was started. The students all received their school color jerseys and began playing in a league with other schools. We have a winning boys and girls team to be proud of! This is important for school and community camaraderie. 

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